What’s in a Name?

The Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences – A new name in the Faculty of Forestry

The Faculty of Forestry is pleased to announce that the Department of Forest Sciences has changed its name to the Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences to better reflect its teaching and research strengths.

Established in 1981, the Department of Forest Sciences sought to provide the scientific foundations to contribute to sound forest management. The lessons learned from the forest and efforts to conserve elements of forest ecosystems have since been extended and applied to other non-forest species and ecosystems. Today, the department’s focus is much broader and includes alpine, grassland, freshwater and ocean environments, as well as forests. Faculty and students are studying genetics and genomics, bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, ecology and the function of whole ecosystems.

“Changing our name is an important milestone to our community – the new name represents what our alumni, students and faculty are passionate about,” says John Richardson, head of the department. “It will also be important for recruiting future students and researchers who can more clearly understand our role and the scope of what we do.”

As part of the quest to change the department’s name there was wide consultation with other departments, alumni, students and emeritus faculty.

A special event will be held later this year to properly mark the new department name.