How to Move a Forest of Genes

Scientific American: Sally Aitken is using state-of-the art genomics and climate-mapping technologies to match trees to rapidly changing climates

Prehistoric trees may help a B.C. forest fight climate change

National Observer: “If you move that genetic diversity around within a species, the ecological impacts of that are much less than introducing non-native species, but you may achieve the same end”

BC wildfires: Back-breaking battle drags on at Puntzi Lake

CBC News: “By trying to protect our forests from fire, we’ve actually changed the way fire works in the ecosystem,”

Wildfire prevention debate heats up

Business in Vancouver: Critic questions why so few areas have been treated to prevent catastrophic wildfire damage

Zoltan Mityok (Natural Resources Conservation)

Zoltan Mityok (Natural Resources Conservation)

I will always recommend the Forestry Co-op program to others after being a part of so many amazing teams and projects. As my fourth work term, my dream of working for a newly licensed community forest has come true much earlier than expected!

Grace Zheng (Forest Resources Management)

Grace Zheng (Forest Resources Management)

This is my third co-op work term and this summer I am working with the City of Surrey. Everyone is very nice to me and enthusiastic to teach me a lot about urban forestry. Overall I think this job is very rewarding and a fresh topic to me!

Austin Gess (Natural Resources Conservation)

Austin Gess (Natural Resources Conservation)

As a co-op student working for TJ Consulting LTD, an environmental consultant based out of the Cariboo, I have been provided countless opportunities to further my forestry and environmental management skills in a hands-on environment.

Threatened Forests Cannot Move, So Scientists Are Relocating Their Genes

Scientific American: Trees can’t walk to a better place as climate worsens. So scientists are relocating helpful genes instead

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