Forest and Conservation Sciences

The Forest and Conservation Sciences Department has active research programs in a wide range of areas including forest ecology, silviculture, genetics, biotechnology, fire science, hydrology, pathology, entomology, soils, soil biology, tree physiology and wildlife biology.

Undergraduate studies

The Forest and Conservation Sciences Department contributes to teaching the B.Sc. Natural Resources Conservation degree and the B.S.F. Forest Resources Management degree. The department is also wholly responsible for delivering the B.Sc. Forest Sciences degree program.

If you are interested in our undergraduate programs please visit these links:

  • View our webpages describing the requirements and program details for our degrees
  • Visit the UBC Undergraduate Admissions web site
  • View the UBC Calendar
  • Contact Forestry Student Services if you have specific questions regarding undergraduate program and course planning.

Graduate studies

Our faculty members are involved in a broad array of research projects, and supervise graduate students in many disciplines.

If you are interested in our graduate programs you can visit the Graduate Programs section.