Forestry in the News


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Interior flooding and wildfire preventionCBC On The Coast (Starts at 01:40:18)Lori DanielsMay 21
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Three new members appointed to the Forest Practices Board
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How worsening wildfires fuel a discouraging trend for more floodingVancouver SunLori DanielsMay 4
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The tropical family tree: Tracking forests’ evolutionary past
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Potential impacts of warmer and wetter summers in the near futureAccuWeatherColin MahonyMarch 1
What Will Sawmills of the Future Look Like?
Logging and Sawmilling JournalJulie CoolFebruary 27
We’ve been tracking the progress of this tree eating a sign for 5 years
Vancouver Is AwesomeRobert GuyJan 22
Alberta’s mountain pine beetles likely survived cold snapCBC NewsAllan Carroll Jan 3