In the 2015/2016 fiscal year, members of the Faculty Forestry were awarded a total of $9.4 million in research funding and authored 200 articles in 122 peer-reviewed journals. Read more about our research in our Annual Report.

Our wide breadth of research includes topics such as tree rings, integrated remote sensing, bioenergy, forest conservation genetics, landscape visualizations, African forest conservation & development, alpine studies, advanced wood processing.

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Recent Research Highlights

Forestry: The New High-Tech Frontier
From UBC Reports | Vol. 58 | No. 6 | Jun. 6, 2012 By Heather Amos Genes may hold the secret to forest survival Zoom in—way in—from the macro view of B.C.’s vast forests, right down to the micro level where researchers are looking into genes that could lead to  improved forest health, productivity and […]

Professor Jack Saddler says we could be close to advanced biofuels being commercially viable
In the January 3 edition of UBC Reports, Jack Saddler elaborates on the progress of advanced biofuels.

Prof. Suzanne Simard talks about “Mother Trees”
Just like in Avatar, forests depend on Mother Trees for support. Prof. Suzanne Simard explains how trees are connected through an underground web of fungi.

Mapping the Power of Sunshine
By Heather Amos Researchers find solar savings for North Vancouver home owners British Columbia is known for its rainy weather and dark winter months but that hasn’t stopped researchers in UBC’s Faculty of Forestry from mapping solar energy potential in North Vancouver. “Everyone thinks Canada has a cool wet climate, but we have more solar […]