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Co-op is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to gain paid work experience related to their degree and acquire the experience necessary to launch their careers.

For employers in today’s competitive job market, co-op allows you to fill short-term hiring needs as well as pre-screen and train potential future employees.

Explore this website to learn more about the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program and how you can participate.

Updates & Events

About: Every student will submit a student story and picture but are encouraged to submit many more pictures of themselves in action during the work term. Creating a Flickr account makes sharing photos easier without email size restrictions. Guidelines for submissions on page 15 of the Co-op Student handbook.

About: Mid-term check-ins come fast and it is better for site visits to happen earlier than later in the term. Coordinators will do phone or E-visits (for those outside of Vancouver) between June 19th and 30th and in-person site visits (for those in the Lower Mainland) between July 4th and 11th. We will send a Doodle Poll link for students to book appointments for both students and work supervisors to "meet" with a Co-op Coordinator.

About: If you or your employer require an extension for reasons outside of your control, you may request an extension BEFORE July 25th. Assignments that arrive late without prior approved extension will not be considered and will result in a “Fail” for the work term. If you will be working for 8 or 12 months at the same workplace you need to resubmit all items on the Work Term Checklist for every 4 month term. This means that if you will be working for 8 months at the same employer you have 2 assignments (just as you would with 2 different employers) and for 12 months you have 3 assignments in addition to all the required forms along the way. Note - ONLY submit the “Final Evaluation” forms once at the end of the last term when working multiple terms at the same work-site.

About: Deadline for students scheduled to work in the Winter Term II (starting in January of 2018) to drop the corresponding co-op course without receiving a "W" on their transcript or paying the associated course fees.

Recent Student Stories

David Brandson (Wood Products Processing)
I spent the final co-op term of my undergraduate degree at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the UK. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are known for their extensive use of wood on the interior components of their automobiles. I was involved in a variety of projects seeing new wood and non-wood interior components into production within the Woodshop. Read more...

Christina Lam (Natural Resources Conservation – Global Perspectives)
My 4th co-op term consisted of the development and delivery of programs aimed at reconnecting people to Canada’s national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas. In partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium, I’ve worked to engage guests through touch tables, talks, and various other activities designed to peek interest and build knowledge on the amazing work that both organizations are doing to maintain these special places. Read more...

Shucong (Ansel) Nie (Forestry – Forest Resources Management)
For my first Co-op work term, I have been working as a research assistant in the Evenden Lab, which studies plant-insect interactions and insect chemical and behavioural ecology at the University of Alberta. This is an incredible opportunity for me to work with some excellent people in this summer. As a field and laboratory research assistant, I have learnt a lot about the endemic niche of mountain pine beetle which is the most damaging biotic disturbance agent in mature pines in western Canada. Read more...

Nicole Stevens – (Natural Resources Conservation – Global Perspectives)
Last summer I worked with the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Uttarakhand, India for my second co-op work term. Not only was it an incredible experience personally, through being able to explore and engage with a new culture, but also professionally. My fellow college, Christina Howard, and I conducted research on the perceptions of Himalayan villagers towards climate change. We were able to spend time in the field conducting social surveys with the mountain communities. Read more...