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Co-op is an exciting opportunity for undergraduate students to gain paid work experience related to their degree and acquire the experience necessary to launch their careers.

For employers in today’s competitive job market, co-op allows you to fill short-term hiring needs as well as pre-screen and train potential future employees.

Explore this website to learn more about the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program and how you can participate.

Updates & Events

About: Students on a work term between September and December, 2017, are required to submit a co-op assignment. Assignments must be uploaded to The Hub before 11:59 PM on December 15th. See Co-op Handbook for details on your assignment requirements or contact your Co-op Coordinator.

Incomplete and/or late assignments will not be accepted.

Time: 5:00-7:00 pm
Location: FSC 1005
About: Please join us for our Co-op Presentation Night on Thursday, February 1st, 2017.

Intermediate and senior students in the Forest Resources Management, Forest Operations, Natural Resources Conservation, Forest Sciences and Urban Forestry degree programs at the University of British Columbia will be delivering presentations on their most recent co-op work terms. Posters from our junior co-op students will also be on display. The event will provide a valuable networking opportunity to meet our industry partners, UBC faculty members and students.

When: Thursday, February 1st, 2017, 5:00-7:00 pm
Where: UBC Forest Sciences Centre (2424 Main Mall, Vancouver) – Room 1005
Please RSVP

Please note that the program for the evening, as well as the presenter list, will be distributed in December, 2017.

*The Wood Products Processing students will have a degree-specific event on another date - TBD.

Recent Student Stories

Kristina Kshatriya (BSFS)
I started working at the Michael Smith Laboratories in January 2016 and have ended my third and final co-op term in Dr. Jörg Bohlmann’s lab. The project that I have been working on in 2016 is about resin vesicles in conifer seeds. I focused on on the anatomy and ultrastructure of resin vesicles, the biochemistry of seed resins, and the development of resin vesicles in seeds throughout growing season. In addition to collecting and analyzing data, I have had the opportunity to present my results during several poster and oral presentations and am now starting to write up my results for publication. By working at the lab for a year I was able to engage in many aspects of the project that I otherwise would not have been able to do, allowing me to grow as a student and as a researcher. Read more...

Yuan Lan (WOOD)
It is hard to believe how much I have learned and explored since my work term at Loewen Windows. I worked as a wood processing engineer and joined a wood cutstock optimization team, which aims to optimize the product processes and redesign the product cutstock. I want to mention that before I came to UBC as an international student, I have never imagined that I would work in the real industry before my graduation. The Co-op program helped me explore myself as a wood processing student and pushed me to step out from the school paperwork into the real world practice. I appreciate this great job opportunity that UBC Forestry Co-op and Loewen Windows has given to me. I would recommend that students join this program as it has brought me fantastic and valuable work experience. Read more...

Cody Lai (BUF)
For my second co-op term, I was in South Africa working with the Stellenbosch University in the Forest and Science Department. This placement was beyond what I expected and it was a culture shock when I initially arrived. The culture and norms here are unlike Canada’s and it was a challenge to adapt. Differences extended from forestry operations to day to day living. My job position has also allowed me to travel all around South Africa such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. This co-op term has been an amazing experience in diversify my knowledge in forestry and the world! Read more...

Kevin Mah (BSF)
My first Co-op work term was in the interior of BC, a marked difference from the coast of BC where I lived much of my life. It was a new experience living in a city so different from Vancouver, and a useful one too as I learned a great deal by traversing roads, boundaries, and deflection lines. I learned a lot of practical lessons, like how to drive on muddy resource roads, how to ride an ATV and load it onto a truck properly, and why it is very important to make sure the wind isn’t blowing into your face when you are using spray paint. I would highly recommend Co-Op to others as it really helped me strengthen and develop my resume and improve my interview skills to attain this position at Forsite. Read more...

Winy Vasquez (BSC)
I spent the summer of 2017 working for the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Uttarakhand, India. Being able to spend a co-op term working abroad has been an invaluable experience that has not only taught me about working in conservation research, but has also helped me to acquire the life skills needed to work and live abroad. Being able to gain research experience while exploring India has been an incredible opportunity and a great way to end my undergraduate degree. Along with my first co-op work term in Chile and my second co-op work term in a research lab in UBC, the co-op program has given me the chance to walk away with not only a degree I’m passionate about but also the professional experience to back it up. Read more...