Master of Forestry


The Master of Forestry (MF) is a course-based degree program offered as part of a concurrent degree partnership with other European and Canadian Universities: TRANSFOR-M (Transatlantic Forestry Master). This partnership is a unique course-based educational experience, which provides MF students with the opportunity to explore Forestry both in Europe and Canada.

logotransformAdmitted students register in the MF program at UBC for a two-year period.  Within that timeframe, one year is spent in Europe completing degree requirements at the chosen partner institution, and the second year is completed at UBC-Vancouver completing the MF degree requirements, resulting in conferral of two separate Master’s credentials.

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Each UBC TRANSFOR-M student will receive upon completion of the program the UBC Master of Forestry (MF) degree and one of the degrees offered by our European Host Universities:


Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg (Germany) – Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences. Freiburg is a university city with international flavour and close proximity to France and Switzerland. From the scientific point of view, Freiburg’s surroundings, the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley, offer many different forest environments and various ways of managing them.

Degrees offered: MSc Forest Sciences


Bangor University (Wales, UK) – School of Agricultural & Forest Sciences. Bangor University is a world class research university. Bangor is located in a breathtaking landscape with panoramic views and is rich with history, culture and charm.

Degrees offered: MSc Agroforestry, MSc Conservation and Land Management, MSc Environmental Forestry


University of Eastern Finland (Finland) – Faculty of Forestry – The University of Eastern Finland is one of Europe’s premier institutions to study forestry, with an emphasis on sustainable use of boreal ecosystems and forest technology.

Degrees offered: MSc Agriculture and Forestry

Students will work with TRANSFOR-M UBC and European Host University Liaison Officers to develop a learning plan that will outline courses to be taken during the 2-year program. Each student will pay the UBC MF tuition fees for two years, but will receive a tuition fee waiver at the Host University in Europe.


Mr Jorma Neuvonen is the TRANSFOR-M contact person at UBC:
Phone: 604-822-2807