Student Kudos

Congratulations to the Forestry graduate students who have been recognized for outstanding accomplishments in the 2015/16 academic year!

Edward JC Hossie Leadership Award

Ana Elia Ramon Hidalgo is one of three recipients of the university-wide competition. The Edward JC Hossie Leadership Award endowed by the estate of Edward J Hossie supports students who have demonstrated leadership through volunteerism, community service, and/or campus activities.  Learn More.

Best Doctoral Dissertation Award 2016

Yang Liu (supervisor: Yousry El-Kassaby) – “Eco-evolutionary perspective on life-history traits with emphasis on seed dormancy and its genetic basis of adaptation in conifers

Best Master’s Thesis Award 2016

Curtis Chance (supervisor: Nicholas Coops) – “Mapping the distributions of two invasive plant species in urban areas with advanced remote sensing data

Best Graduate Teaching Assistant Award for 2015

nickrCongratulations to MSc student, Nick Rong, winner of this year’s best Graduate Teaching Assistant award in the Faculty of Forestry. Nick TA’s for APBI 200 (Introduction to Soil Science), FRST 385 (Watershed Hydrology) and FOPR 388 (Analytical Methods in Forest Hydrology) throughout 2014, 2015 and as a lead GTA in 2016. As an outstanding and dedicated Forestry graduate student, Nick was nominated by his supervisor and students, who credited his exceptional knowledge of hydrology, soil science, and his deep commitment to teaching and students. Students are not only impressed with his knowledge of the subject matter but with his ability to communicate and explain effectively the content of the assignments. Through his commitment and dedication to teaching and learning, Nick has influenced numerous students. He epitomizes an example of how one should unselfishly help others.

Congratulations to Nick and also to runner-up, PhD Candidate Ian MacLachlan.

UBC Forestry Research Poster Competition, November 2015


1st place
Rui Zhai, PhD Candidate (supervisor: Jack Saddler)
The research study encompassed a critical need in the conversion of biomass into fermentable sugars by identifying the compounds in actual biomass that limit enzyme activities. She also showed how new enzyme systems are better engineered to withstand these compounds to achieve high biomass conversion into fermentable sugars.  Ms. Zhai’s poster was an excellent example of the balance between graphics and text with novel use of diagrams, particularly in the introduction section. The outcomes and significance of the work were clearly explained. This poster was a very approachable explanation of her work, to both experts in the field and non-experts.

2nd place
Nina Morrell, MSc student (supervisor: Peter Arcese)

3rd place
Tim van den Boog, MSc student (supervisor: Janette Bulkan)