Graduate Student Profiles

You will be amazed at the variety of topics that UBC Forestry graduate students study.  Read more about some of our graduate students and their research:

  • Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid, PhD candidate – Effects of natural weathering on wood erosion
  • Nathan Furey, PhD candidate – Examining internal and external factors that influence migration behaviour and survival of anadromous Pacific salmon smolts across freshwater and early marine landscapes
  • Sara Baron, PhD student – Future Suburban Forests in a Changing Climate: Balancing Sustainability and Social Acceptance
  • Ryan Germain, PhD candidate – Individual and environmental influences on habitat occupancy and fitness in an insular population of song sparrows
  • Polo Zhang, MSc student – Innovative Design and Engineering for Structural Bamboo Products

You can also check out our Faculty publication, Branchlines, which features stories about our graduate students’ research, and read more student profiles on our international research page. Learn about the Forestry doctoral students participating in UBC’s Public Scholars Initiative.