Congratulations to Dr Steve Mitchell

smawardDr Steve Mitchell, RPF, of UBC’s Faculty of Forestry is this year’s recipient of the ABCFP‘s Distinguished Forest Professional Award. This award, which is not presented every year, is the ABCFP’s top award for a member. It is presented to an individual who has contributed a lifetime of work to the betterment of forestry in BC.

Steve is known around the world for his research into understanding and managing windthrow (wind damage in a forest that can occur naturally and can be made worse by a number of factors such as wet soil, recent fires or human activity). He is the coordinator of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations’ Wind and Trees section.

“Steve doesn’t believe in keeping his research findings within the walls of academia,” says Dan. “In fact, Steve is known for finding ways to share his research with practitioners. He has been advocating for the practical application of forestry research for the past 20 years. Steve pioneered the first master’s program in Canada to be accredited by the Canadian Forestry Accreditation Board. The Master of Sustainable Forest Management program… Steve has distinguished himself as member of the ABCFP’s Board of Examiners since 2005.”

Steve was able to make a positive contribution to the urban forest sector when he wrote the prescriptions to make the remaining trees in Vancouver’s Stanley Park more resistant to wind after a devastating storm in 2006.