Graduate Education – the advanced training of tomorrow’s scientists and leaders – is a critical part of our mandate in the Faculty of Forestry, and one in which we are particularly successful.

Forestry graduate students learn from a dynamic and diverse group of researchers who educate and communicate how forests and the products that are created from them contribute to the well- being of all living things.  The health and sustainability of forests and the people who depend on them underlies everything we do.  We are among the best institutions globally in forest-related education and research and are also unique in the breadth of expertise we possess, which allows us to integrate new knowledge across many disciplines.

We are one of the largest graduate units on campus, with 260 students enrolled in our 7 degree programs. We attract students from around the world, with over 35 countries represented in our community.  Given the global nature of modern forestry, the experience our students gain by working with colleagues from around the world is a subtle but effective means of creating the global citizens that UBC aspires to produce.

The forestry graduate program and UBC as a whole strive to ensure that our graduates not only have access to excellent courses and engage in cutting-edge research, but also develop the professional skills that will allow a smooth transition into their working careers.  This is done through encouraging students to attend the many research seminars offered in the Faculty and other units on campus. Workshops specifically designed for graduate students are offered each year in Forestry and through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.  In addition, we have an active graduate student association (FGSA) that focuses on building a sense of community for students and offers many social events throughout the year.

I invite you to explore more through our website and the graduate degrees we offer, and the diverse array of topics our students investigate.  Forestry faculty members look forward to the opportunity to work with bright, talented, motivated students, and assisting you in achieving your  goals – we look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Yousry El-Kassaby
Associate Dean of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
Faculty of Forestry