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BSc-WoodPPOur undergraduate degrees develop and emphasize your creative thinking and critical analysis skills. With indoor and outdoor lab components, you are able to put theory into practice through interactive learning environments. Gain real world experience through our Co-op programs.

More than just trees, you can study subjects such as globalization & sustainability, engineering, business management, forest genetics, resource socio-economics & policy, conservation biology, biodiversity and much more!

Urban ForestryThe Urban Forestry program is for students interested in learning about urban ecology, sustainability planning, recreation, human well-being, forest sciences and management.
There is a growing demand for urban green-space professionals due to the rapid pace of urbanization; the need to adapt to multiple impacts of climate change; and increasing demand from the public for the recreational, psychological and health benefits that green-space networks provide.

With increased urban populations, global warming, urban heat islands, flooding and pollution, cities may become unlivable or demand massive energy-use for cooling, unless we can establish large scale, healthy urban forest systems.

Cities all over the world will need urban forestry professionals who can deal with these complex, multi-disciplinary challenges, and provide livable, sustainable and greener communities. Learn more

Forest SciencesThe Forest Sciences program encompasses multiple scientific disciplines in understanding the components of our biologically diverse forests. In this academically challenging program, you will gain an understanding of the functions and components of forest ecosystems. You will also choose a subject area that you would like to focus on. Graduates become specialists and researchers in forest biology. Options available include a specialization in International Forestry. This program prepares you for graduate studies or careers in science and academia. If you have an inquisitive mind and want to unravel the mysteries of nature, this program is ideal for you. Learn more
Natural Resources ConservationThis interdisciplinary program prepares you for careers in conservation and management. Encompassing the natural and social sciences, you will learn how to use the technologically advanced tools and quantitative techniques available to resource planners. You can choose one of two majors at the end of second year. Learn more

Science and Management Major

The Science and Management Major focuses on the conservation and management of renewable natural resources, and landscape- and local-level planning for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Learn more

Global Perspectives Major

The Global Perspectives Major focuses on the conservation and management of renewable and non-renewable resources, policy formation and planning within a global context. International experience is required by this major (i.e., study or/and work abroad). If you want to become a leader for an ecologically and socially sustainable future, this program is ideal for you. Learn more

Wood Products ProcessingThis award-winning program is a fusion of science, engineering, and business that prepares you for a career in the wood products sector and related fields. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of wood material science, advanced manufacturing, and business operations. You can also choose to complement your science degree with a Minor in Commerce through the UBC Sauder School of Business. Co-op is another exciting option taken by most students to integrate career-related work experience and academic studies. If you are creative, enjoy engineering and problem solving, this program is ideal for you. Learn more

Forest Resources Management

The Forest Resources Management program focuses on the study of the biological and social sciences upon which sustainable forestry is based. You will learn how to regenerate forests, conserve wildlife habitat, and protect forests from wildfire, disease, and insects. You will integrate disciplines and apply them in the field using advanced data collection and information analysis tools. Options available include specializations in Integrated Resources Management, Community & Aboriginal Forestry, International Forestry, or a minor in Commerce. If you love the outdoors and enjoy challenging decision-making, this program is ideal for you. Learm more

Forest Operations

The Forest Operations program focuses on the optimization of social, environmental, and economic benefits through the planning, managing, and utilizing the resources of forest lands. You will incorporate the skills of civil, geotechnical, and mechanical engineering with ecological and hydrological processes to encourage sustainability and conservation. Computer technology and sophisticated mechanical systems are used in the precise and efficient development of harvesting and transportation networks. Options available include a specialization in Harvest Planning & Engineering, or a Minor in Commerce. If you like to plan, engineer and build, this program is ideal for you. Learn more

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