Natural Resources Conservation


If you want to play an active role in protecting and managing our natural environment, then the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Natural Resources Conservation program may be for you.

Our society depends on the maintenance and protection of ecosystems. Yet resources in many ecosystems are often over-exploited or managed in non-sustainable ways. Urban development, agricultural, mineral/oil extraction, fisheries and forestry practices, can threaten the very existence of some ecosystems and alter or eliminate important habitats, biodiversity, and people’s way of life. Global climate change presents the largest uncertainty and threat to the sustainability of our present natural resources and ecosystems. To maintain healthy ecosystems we have to strive to achieve a balance between society’s ever-increasing need for goods and services and protection of natural environments, and do so in an era of changing climate.

The Natural Resources Conservation Program provides students with skills and knowledge to meet such challenges. Natural resources conservation is an important issue throughout BC, Canada and the world.  As a society, we choose which natural resources to use, and in what manner these uses will take place.  Conservation science is concerned with the maintenance of habitats, the persistence of diverse natural resources, an understanding of human behaviours, and recognizes that a balance is needed among environmental, social, economic, cultural, and aesthetic values.  Conservation scientists help society make the best possible environmental choices for achieving resource sustainability.

This unique degree offers two majors:

The Science and Management Major focuses on the conservation and management of renewable natural resources, and landscape and local level planning for both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

The Global Perspectives Major focuses on the conservation and management of renewable and non-renewable resources, policy formation and planning within a global context.

Selecting a Major: Because of expected high enrolments in the Science Major, access to the CONS 451 field school for the Science Major will be limited and entry to the field school may be based on academic standing.  Additional space has been added to the Global Major so entrance to it is currently not limited.